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Located in beautiful, rural Sussex County in northwest New Jersey, Kittatinny Regional School District serves the five municipalities of Fredon Township, Hampton Township, Sandyston Township, Stillwater Township and the Township of Walpack.  The District is comprised of 125 square miles and has a school population of approximately 1020 students.  These students are housed on a beautiful 96 acre campus with a modern, up-to-date high school and a separate middle school wing where the 7th and 8th grade students are educated.


Kittatinny Regional School District fosters a collaborative approach to the education of the students in the district, as it takes great pride in developing partnerships with faculty members, parents, students and our community to provide a rigorous and comprehensive academic program.  Kittatinny is one of the most decorated schools in New Jersey.  A nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School District, Kittatinny has also been recognized by the State of New Jersey as a Star School. Kittatinny was recently named a Top 100 High School by New Jersey Monthly magazine.  In 2013, Kittatinny was awarded an A rating in a publication by the Star Ledger for recognized academic achievement.  KRHS was recognized as a New Jersey “Governor’s School Of Excellence” in 2005.  Kittatinny was proud to be the first Star School and Blue Ribbon School in Sussex County, New Jersey.  These prestigious awards are a direct result of our shared vision for excellence as a district.  Our students have been recognized nationally as academic and social leaders and our faculty has garnered a number of “Best Practice Awards” from the Department of Education in the State of New Jersey.  There have been no less than ten “Best Practice Awards” given to the teachers of the district since the 1995-1996 school year.  This alone is a tribute to their dedication and hard work to provide the most current and relative curriculum for the students of Kittatinny Regional School District.


Kittatinny has received many awards in the area of technology.  The Board of Education, administration and faculty of the Kittatinny Regional School district have dedicated many hours and resources to the infusion of technology into the everyday curriculum.  KRHS teachers have enthusiastically welcomed this challenge and have used technology to enhance student comprehension, improve upon classroom instruction and to transform Kittatinny into a 21st century school district teaching career and college ready skill sets to all of our students.  Kittatinny’s Cloud Managed Meraki wireless access points with advanced security and performance WIFI was instrumental in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative into our district.  The WIFI dashboard gives visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications. Armed with rich analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimizing both the end-user experience and network security.  Kittatinny now features 59 Meraki wireless access points that covers the entire school and a good portion of our sports stadium.  Kittatinny has 151 ipads that have been strategically been placed throughout the building to enhance curriculum.  Kittatinny was proud to introduce Google for Education to our staff and students at the end of the 2016 school year.  Three hundred seventy Chromebooks and 14 mobile carts were purchased to support our decision to embrace the Google for Education platform, and an additional seven Chromeboxes have been installed in the gifted and talented room and 24 Chromeboxes will be installed in the Library.  We had several in-services supporting our Google for Education platform and continue to offer staff support and additional trainings with our Monday Meet Up Sessions.  In addition to “Going Google” we are now offering a computer programing course at Kittatinny.  We have dedicated a laptop cart with thirty laptops where students will be learning Python Programing.  There are two complete computer labs in addition to a full computer animation lab, video graphics, design lab, technology STEAM and robotics lab, journalism lab, and two business labs.  Students are encouraged and expected to be active participants in the learning process and this includes having a complete understanding of the effective use of technology in our technology infused 21st century world.    

Gaggle is still being used on the back end of our Google for Education Email system to ensure CIPA compliant email monitoring.  

Security is always of paramount importance at Kittatinny.  Camera positioning has been reviewed and recommendations have been made for installations of new IP cameras as well as repositioning of existing cameras.

Approximately 80 percent of our student population is involved in at least one after-school or extra-curricular activity.  These diverse offerings range from a very involved Peer Leadership program to an accomplished State Championship Wrestling team.  Our NJSIAA approved athletic program includes 20 different interscholastic Varsity athletic teams,14 junior varsity teams, seven freshmen programs and 11 Junior High School Teams for a total of 42 athletic programs.  Our High School athletic teams continue to be highly competitive and during this past year, four of our programs won their NJAC Divisions Championships. That included our Wrestling, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis and Girls Basketball Teams. In addition our Wrestling team and Cheerleading program also won the HWS (Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex) Championships, this was the first time for our Wrestling program and the second championship for our Cheerleaders . Our Cheerleading Squad also won a National title while competing at the National Championships in Dallas Texas.  Our Boys Wrestling program also won the NJSIAA State Sectional and the District III Title and made it to the Finals of the Group I Championship. The Wrestling Team also won the Linn Crawn Tournament Trophy and our Girls Basketball team won the Delaware Valley Holiday Tournament.

Kittatinny has over 45 recognized extra-curricular activities for the students of the district and every student is encouraged to become involved in at least one activity that will connect them to the school.  Our goal is to connect each and every child with an activity in which they are interested and motivated by at the school.  These activities only enhance the overall goal of a well rounded academic experience and comprehensive school program.


Each year Kittatinny Regional School District performs as one of the top school districts in Sussex County on the state assessments.  The top 15% of the class has been recognized at "New Jersey Stars" candidates. In addition, many of our recent graduates have been recognized as distinguished “Advanced Placement Scholars” including twenty-three AP Scholars, six AP Scholars with Honors, three AP Scholars with Distinction, and one National AP Scholar. These are state and nationally recognized academic honors.  We are again promoting concurrent college level courses with our academic partner, Sussex County Community College.  Kittatinny, with its own faculty members, is offering 16 courses in-house in which students can earn college credit.  College credit can be earned in the following academic areas:  Anthropology, Biology II Honors, Chemistry I Honors, AP Chemistry II, AP Physics I & II, Pre-Calculus Honors, AP Calculus, Calculus Honors, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP European History, AP U.S. Government, AP U.S. History, AP Literature and Composition & AP Language and Composition.


We at Kittatinny are proud to offer the students of our community a well rounded, diverse educational experience in an environment that fosters high expectations and success for all.  Please take the opportunity to visit our website at


Thank you for visiting our 2016 New Jersey School Report Card.



Kittatinny Regional High School is a comprehensive academic institution offering a diverse curriculum to the students of the surrounding community.  Kittatinny classes address the following Core Curriculum Content areas:  1) all students will develop career planning skills through projects and artifacts created; 2) all students will use technology, information and other tools in relation to the special needs students who are also taught to use technology in the classroom, and 3) all students will use critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills through the projects, programs and artifacts they create.  Kittatinny continues to investigate ways to revise our current curriculum in all disciplines through staff, student and community involvement.


Kittatinny prides itself in offering a high level of classroom standards that enable students to successfully pass the state-mandated standardized tests.  Our students continually surpass state averages and their scores are indicative of some of the very best in the county.  In addition, our curriculum goals ensure that students will remain competitive when they graduate.   


Our extra-curricular programs continue to be a strength of Kittatinny as 75-80% of our students participate on one or more of our athletic teams, clubs or other activities.  Our Athletic teams include: Girls Soccer, Girls Field Hockey, Girl’s Cross Country, *Girl’s Tennis, *Girls Basketball, Girls Swimming, Girls Lacrosse, Girls Softball, Girl’s Track and Field, Boys Soccer, Football, Boys Cross Country, Boys Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Boys Lacrosse, Boy’s Swimming, *Boy’s Tennis, Boys Track and Field and *Wrestling. The teams with * were all teams that earned Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) Colonial Division Championship honors. The following Teams qualified for NJSIAA State Sectionals: Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Track, Boys and Girls Tennis, Girls Lacrosse, Softball, Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Swimming, Girls Soccer, Field Hockey and Football. Overall our Athletic programs had a phenomenal year and the outlook for this coming year is very exciting.


Our music program produced a series of extraordinary concerts, participated in adjudications where they received superior ratings as well as produced two musicals, one at the junior high level and the other at the senior high level.  Kittatinny’s Marching Band had a great season and placed second at the Yamaha Cup at MetLife Stadium.   In May 2015, the Band traveled to Washington D.C. over Memorial Day Weekend, and performed at the Marine Corps Museum and the Jefferson Memorial.  The K-Train Jazz Band performed with guest soloist Al Chez – former trumpeter of the Dave Letterman Show.  The National Tri-M Music Honor Society welcomed a new class of inductees in March.  Forty-two students were selected into the 2015 All-Sussex County Band and Choir.  Numerous students were selected into the Area and Region Bands, and the Region and All-State Choirs.  Two students were selected for the National Association of Music Education National Choir.  Kittatinny’s myriad of activities promote good citizenship, community service and personal responsibility.  Some of these activities include our K3D Day (Kittatinny Day for the Developmentally Disabled), Peer Leadership and fundraising for charities such as Walk America, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, St. Jude’s Hospital and Gift of Life Foundation.  


Junior High English teacher, Dr. Jessica Galipeau, was chosen as the 2016 Kittatinny Regional High School Teacher of the Year.  Earning her doctorate in education in 2014, Dr. Galipeau has used her new knowledge both in and out of the classroom, creating dynamic lessons for both students and her peers. She articulates and coordinates with the district ELA teachers serving on the district ELA committee and spearheading the curriculum writing that is a result of that committee. She teaches multiple professional development classes for new and current teachers including  the Workshop Model, Differentiated Instruction, Knowing Your Learner, Test Prep, and Student Feedback.  She has created and teaches a new course called Design Media Research to provide students with 21st century skills in addition to being educated, digital consumers. After school, she runs a Girls’ Group which fosters an environment of discussion for junior high girls.  It is her foremost concern to advocate for all students at Kittatinny serving as a catalyst for change.



Receiving recognition for outstanding teaching techniques in the classroom with the Golden Apple Award were Creative Arts Teacher, Joe Mate, Physical Education Teacher, Jeff Gely, English Teacher, Mary Houghtaling, and World Language Teacher, Martha Galviz.  Teachers are continuously reinventing themselves as reflective practitioners and this is clearly apparent in the numerous recognitions that they have received as is evidenced by the 10 Best Practice banners that hang in our Media Center.


We are so proud of our school.  I believe that when you visit us either in person or on line at, you will see why Kittatinny is truly a special place to be.


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