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Seniors can raise money to offset their prom and/or senior trip expenses with these individual fundraisers with an average profit margin of 45%. Every dollar of profit will offset your student's individual's cost. Please direct any questions to Mrs. Paparella or Mrs. Ruitenberg - or

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Duration: 2/24-2/28

Today begins our Toiletry Drive for Connect For Community!

The first grade level to bring in 100 items wins an ice cream coupon for EVERYONE in that grade level!

7th graders bring paper towels to Mrs. Georges in E105

8th graders bring toothbrushes to Mrs. Soltis in C17.

9th graders bring shampoo or conditioner to Ms. Pastor Poe in B48.

10th graders bring toothpaste to Mr. Fischer in B46.

11th graders bring bar soap, or a comb, or brush to Mrs. Houghtaling in B10.

12th graders bring deodorant or tissues to Mr. Tryde in B21.


All items can be under $1.00!

The English Department thanks you for your support!

See Dr. Fishbone in B-wing if you have any questions.





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