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Welcome to Kittatinny Boys Soccer

Mission Statement

 - We aim to fully support our student athletes both on and off the pitch. Developing technical and tactical skills to progress their game to the next level. We also help them learn, grow, and develop as students and as young men in the community. 

 Coaching Philosophy

 - Kittatinny Boys Soccer encourages players to be confident on the ball and to build through the thirds. We will aim to play positive, attacking, creative and possession based soccer in order to unbalance the opposition and create opportunities. Players will be encouraged to play to their strengths and push themselves to be better everyday. Coaching staff will be fully supportive of players and work to have them develop their game and learn to adapt and adjust on their own during competition. We will create a culture from staff through players based on high work ethic, along with a positive holistic approach to coaching in order to create a school spirit both on and off the field. This will help ensure that we develop well rounded student athletes who will excel as an athlete and as a valued member of the community. 



-  Kittatinny Soccer proudly supports our feeder programs and their contribution to Kittatinny. For any information regarding youth soccer programs in the district, please visit Kittatinny Youth Travel Soccer's website.


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