District News

Working on his project The Game of Life

Students live life in their own virtual community.

Citizenship Citizenship Project

Mrs. Jones's students design volunteer service projects.

Standing by Poster 2 Kittatinny Students Celebrate Black History and Women's History from A-Z

The Kittatinny English and Social Studies departments join forces to discuss black history and women's history.

Volleyball Volleyball-A-Thon

The winners of the Volleyball-A-Thon is...


Three KRHS art students were selected for this year's YAM exhibit.

All You Can Eat All You Can Eat Breakfast

InterAct members assisted the Newton Rotary Club.

Interact Furry Friends Toys Helping Our Four-Legged Friends

The InterAct Club and the 4th graders from the McKeown Elementary School joined forces for a community project.

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